Best Ties for A Blue Suit

Best Ties for A Blue Suit

Looking to add a new tie to your blue suit? Check out this quick post from our style team. 

Option 1 - The single color scheme 

The single color scheme can be a great way to produce a clean and sleek aesthetic. To pull this off just use varying shades of the same color. So for a light blue suit you could wear a dark blue tie and and a medium blue pocket square

navy silk woven grenadine nice tie italy foundation menswear


Blue Chambray Pocket Square


Option 2 - The pop of color

If you're looking to stand out at your next event then this is a great way to go. Here we take a burgundy pencil stripe tie and pair is with a contrast silk pocket square. In this instance the blue acts a backdrop and the burgundy is the star or the show. 

burgundy silk woven stripe nice tie foundation menswear

Silk Pocket Square - Burgundy With Paisley Pattern


Option 3 - the 007

Who says you cant wear blue and black. Time to break the rules here. Lets pair the black silk grenadine with a cotton contrast square.

black silk woven grenadine nice tie James Bond tie italy foundation menswear


white cotton pocket square navy tip gray suit







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