About Us



Who are we?

We are a menswear brand based in the Motor City Detroit, Michigan. 

Our aim is to help the modern man dress well without breaking the bank. We focus on foundational pieces that stand the test of time. Basically, the opposite of fast fashion.


Why we started

I started Foundation after the frustration of countless shopping trips to the mall (and online). I was tired of wading through cheap, low quality, fast fashion and ridiculously overpriced “designer” labels.

I thought to myself “Why is it so hard to find high quality wardrobe staples at a reasonable price?”

I knew I couldn’t be the only guy with this problem and that's when I went to work. I did a ton of research, ordered loads of samples, and talked to some amazing pros in the field.

The result was the creation of the products that I (and hopefully you) always wanted. High quality, foundational pieces that stand the test of time. 



How we can help:

By providing high quality, foundational pieces to the modern wardrobe: Ties, pocket squares, and every day carry essentials.

By producing timeless products that can be worn today and ten years from now.

By removing the middle man ( wholesale, retail expenses, and retail markup) and selling direct to consumer we can offer a premium product at unheard of prices.

We also ensure our products are created in an ethical and sustainable manner. Fair wages and environmentally friendly.


I'm Joe your modest host here at Foundation. If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me anytime at Joe@FoundationMenswear.com